We have a range of tickets suitable for regular travellers, or for customers making a number of journeys on the same day. From tickets for a single journey, day returns, period returns, or for a group of people travelling together, we have a ticket to suit everyone.

Our online ticket store has a range of options from 12 journeys to monthly and longer, offering a convenient alternative to buying offline.

19 or under and travelling on our services? Click here for details of our new discount scheme from 1st September for young people.

The prices shown on these pages apply from 21 February 2016


Go large with our all day ticket covering travel across Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester!

Online ticket sales

Our range of tickets to buy online

Day, period & 12-journey tickets

Discounted fares for regular travellers, including Gold tickets, 7 day and 12 journey tickets

Single and return tickets

Information on our single and return tickets.

Children and Young People

Our simpler and cheaper travel scheme for under 19's is called Ugo. We offer some great savings on fares for children and young people, and you'll no longer need any ID. So whether it's travel to school or college, or going into town or to visit friends, don't rely on a lift, get on the bus!

Senior Citizens

Get out and about with free off-peak travel as part of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS).


Combine bus and rail travel for a seamless journey

Travel in Greater Manchester

Within Greater Manchester the full range of SYSTEM 1 tickets are valid for travel on our bus services.