Changes to some buses in Blackburn from 8 April


Travelling patterns are changing all the time. Traffic conditions on our roads never stay the same for long, either.

So, it's important that we carry on understanding how and why people are travelling to ensure our timetables remain robust and trustworthy. As a result of our continued work behind the scenes, we have identified the following changes to be made to a few of our bus routes from Sunday 8 April.

New timetables will be available to preview soon.

Red Express X41 

We have looked closely at what people use Red Express for – and why. 

The vast majority of customers who use Red Express to travel between Blackburn and Accrington could – and often do – make their journey on our well-established, high-quality 6/7 routes which run every 7 mins. Couple this with the recently doubled rail service between Manchester and Blackburn, and Red Express is now being used for different things - so we need to change it.

We are going to focus on delivering a better service with new links between Accrington and Manchester. We have spoken to customers along the route and in nearby towns to create the best route for as many people as we can. 

Red Express will start and finish at Accrington and will additionally serve Edenfield, Stubbins and Ramsbottom. These areas boast a combined population of nearly 20,000 and we get many requests for them to have a direct bus to Manchester, including a campaign by the local MP. Whilst we will welcome customers making local journeys, we are very keen that we don't slow down the journey too much and have been careful to stay running direct along main roads, so this change of route will only add around 10-15 mins to current journey times from Accrington and Haslingden. As many regular customers know, we sometimes use the A676 instead of the M66 when traffic is gridlocked on the motorway. We'll still run along the M66 and M60 as soon as we've left Ramsbottom, so we'll still be putting the express into Red Express!

Through tickets will be available for those who travel across Accrington, and remember that your Transdev tickets are now available on Rosso buses that serve the local area too.

The overall coverage of the timetable won't change – we'll still run every 30 mins, with evening and Sunday buses too.

Download your new timetable for Red Express now.

The Blackburn Bus Company

1 Blackburn - Darwen - Bolton

There will be some timetable improvements to aid our timekeeping, and we will add more realistic timings at rush hour along certain sections of the route, particularly between Astley Bridge and Bolton. There will also be additional journeys between Blackburn and Bolton during the afternoon peak (Mon – Fri only).

Due to stand clashes in Bolton bus station, three departures a day will need to depart from stand B, with the vast majority of departures staying on Stand C.

Take a look at the new timetable here.

4 & 24 Blackburn - Leyburn Road, Feniscowles & Chorley

We will merge these routes to become the 4, running every 20 mins between Blackburn and Green Lane through Mill Hill, with 2 buses an hour running to Leyburn Road and 1 bus an hour continuing to Feniscowles and Chorley.

Both these routes suffer from timekeeping issues and have seen a decline in custom. This change is the right thing to do to ensure we run an on-time service and reflect the costs of operation.

Download your new timetable for the 4 now.


244 Blackburn - Haslingden - Rawtenstall

This route, which currently runs between Blackburn and Rawtenstall, will be renumbered 481 and will be extended to Bury, offering a new link to this popular and bustling market town. It will offer a combined every 15 minutes frequency from Rawtenstall to Bury alongside Rosso 482 and 483. Transdev Lancashire, Gold and Daytripper tickets are available to use on this route, as well as Free Concessionary Bus Passes.

Download your new timetable for the 481 now.

If you need any help or clarification, please drop us a line.

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