Burnley 10k - Sunday 15 July


The Burnley 10k is taking place this Sunday, 15 July. If you're taking part in the event, good luck!

Whilst the event is taking place, lots of the roads around town will be closed, from the start of the day until around 4pm. Here's a list of our buses which will be affected:

Burnley - Higherford
The 2 won't be able to stop on Belvedere Road or Ennismore Street. We'll be running down Colne Road, the same way as the 5, between Burnley and the hospital. 

Burnley - Pike Hill
Unfortunately, the 3 won't be able to run at all until around 4.45pm because of the road closures. 

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused - follow us on Twitter @burnleybuses where we'll keep you posted with the latest.