We've listened to your feedback. Changes to the 4 from Sunday 2 September


We recently changed the 4 and 24 to become one route, running three times an hour between Blackburn and Mill Hill, with one bus each hour extending to Chorley. 

However, we've had lots of feedback since we made those changes, so we ran a consultation and worked with the local MP,  Kate Hollern MP to get your views, and found that the new route isn't really working for you.

So, from Sunday 2 September, the 4 will once again become two separate routes, as follows:

Blackburn - Mill Hill - Leyburn Road
The 4 will no longer extend to Chorley, instead running every 30 mins between Blackburn, Mill Hill & Leyburn Road. Download your timetable here

24 Blackburn - Feniscowles - Chorley
The 24 will once again run from Blackburn to Ewood, Livesey Branch Road, Feniscowles and Chorley, every hour through the daytime. Download your timetable here

We hope these changes will work better for you.

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