Remembrance Day parades


There are a number of events taking place around our region for Remembrance Sunday (11 November).

As well as the parades and ceremonies which are taking place, our drivers may pull over at 11am to observe the two minutes' silence. 

Veterans and serving members of the armed forces will be able to travel free on any of our buses on Remembrance Sunday (11 November 2018).

Here's a roundup of how the parades will affect our buses on Sunday.

Manchester City Centre
The Witchway and Red Express won't be able to stop on John Dalton Street or Princess Street between 7am and 2pm. If you normally catch your bus here, head over to Chorlton Street instead.

Between 1.30pm and 3.30pm, the 6&7 won't be able to stop anywhere between Thwaites Road and Church, Oswaldtwistle.

Between 11.20am and 12.30pm, Red Express will be using a different route out of Accrington, and won't be stopping on Whalley Road or Abbey Street.

Keighley bus station
The bus station will be closed between 9am and 12pm. Mainline M4 will be using the bus stops on Hanover Street instead.

From 10.50am until around 11.20am, Mainline M3 will finish at the Keighley Road roundabout, and won't be able to get to Trawden.

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