Connect with Witchway and RedExpress to the Manchester Derby


It's the big Manchester Derby this Sunday! Premier League leaders Manchester City take on Manchester United at home, which as always, will prove to be one of the biggest games of the year! 

The last time these two teams met, Manchester United were victorious. This time they're at the Etihad. 

The big clash, deserves the best, easiest and most relaxing transport. 

If you're planning on heading down to the derby, then you'll find no easier connection than Wtichway and RedExpress.

All you need to do is catch the Witchway or Red Express and get off at Chorlton Street and have a very short walk to Piccadilly Gardens.

Here you'll find buses and trams ready to take you to the Etihad. These include the 216 bus (Stop D) and the 3. 

For Witchway, RedExpress, you can view our Sunday times and fares here:

Witchway -

RedExpress -

For the 216 and 3 you can view times and fares here:

216 -

3 -

With RedExpress and Witchway, simply pay with cash or Transdev Go. Search, 'Transdev Go' on the App Store or Google Play. 

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