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Changes to services in Burnley and Pendle from 30th October 2011


From Sunday 30th October 2011 we are making some changes to the network of services in and around Burnley and Pendle. Starship will see new services from Burnley and Bacup to Bury and Manchester; there will be more journeys on the Witch Way; and improvements to Skipton and Barnoldswick services on Mainline.


New routes to Bury and Manchester

Starship is taking off from Burnley and heading for Bury and Manchester. Service 8 will extend hourly from Bacup to Rawtenstall and via the M66 to Bury, home of the world famous Bury Market and The Rock, the town's new shopping and leisure area. Day trippers love visiting Bury and now people from Burnley and the Rossendale Valley have their own Starship service to get them there. There will be a new saver ticket offering return travel on the same day for just £8 for two people – customers will just need to ask for the 2 for £8 ticket, which is valid at off-peak times.

New service X8 will operate from Burnley to Manchester via Bacup, Rawtenstall and Edenfield. Operating at peak times and with an off peak shoppers journey this opens up new links from the Rossendale Valley and partially replaces service X44. The service will operate a new fast route via Heaton Park into the Shudehill Interchange. This route is a much easier route for buses to access the city centre so we can offer faster journey times than via Prestwich. Our 2 for £10 ticket will be extended to this route, offering great value off-peak day return travel for two people.

Elsewhere minor changes will come into effect:

  • Starship 1 will have changes to peak time Todmorden journeys.
  • Starships 2, 4 & 5 will see early morning journeys reduced on Saturdays and some early evening journeys withdrawn.
  • Starship 4 and 5 will also see additional running time introduced during the afternoon peak period to improve reliability.
  • Starship 6 will be reduced to operate only hourly. Witch Way will now stop at all stops on Manchester Road running every 15 minutes, to compensate for the loss of service on this section of the route.
  • Service X63 will be renumbered as Starship 9. Times will change slightly but it will still run every hour.
  • Services 241 and 242 will be withdrawn due to low passenger numbers, but alternative journeys are available.
    Service 93 will be withdrawn and combined with Pendle Green Line services; details are available from Lancashire County Council. 

Witch Way

Download the new timetable

Improved frequency to and from Manchester

  • Still every 10 minutes at peak times.
  • New 15 minute frequency weekdays (off peak) and Saturdays.
  • Improved frequency in the evenings (every 30 minutes).
  • These extra journeys will give customers more flexibility to take the bus into Manchester for Christmas shopping and leisure.

Link to the Yorkshire Dales

  • New earlier journeys as a link to the DalesBus on Sundays, offering through travel from Manchester to Grassington.

Removal of the X44 route via Edenfield

We know that very few people use the X44 between Edenfield and Manchester, and the delays caused by going through the village causes knock on delays to the service. We've therefore taken the decision to end the X44 route, and replace it with other options.

  • All journeys will now operate via the X43 route meaning faster journeys times for customers and simpler timetables.
  • New Starship X8 will replace the busiest journeys so most commuters will still be served.

Fewer journeys from Nelson

  • Frequency to and from Nelson reduces to every 30 minutes. Mainline is available from Nelson to connect at Burnley.


More services to Skipton, Earby and Barnoldswick

We introduced the Mainline route to Skipton in January 2010, and since this time it has proved to be very popular. After monitoring the route and listening to customer feedback, we are making further improvements to provide more journeys and to simplify the timetable.

  • Mainline will operate every 30 minutes linking Burnley, Earby, Barnoldswick and Skipton. This will double frequencies to Skipton from Earby and Barnoldswick.
  • All journeys to Skipton will now run via both Barnoldswick and Earby
    Additional journeys omitting Earby will combine to offer a 15 minute frequency between Burnley and Barnoldswick town centre.
  • An additional direct journey will operate each hour through to Fosters Arms.
  • Skipton will have new later evening and an hourly Sunday journeys. Students have the chance to stay later at college or in the town centre before returning home, while the Sunday service links to the DalesBus 872 so that a shorter day in Grassington becomes possible.

Extra journeys to Keighley

  • Two later journeys will operate to and from Keighley.
  • The journeys are timed to match visiting hours and shift times at Airedale Hospital.
  • Slight changes to times for other journeys.

Slight route change to some Clitheroe journeys

  • a few early morning Clitheroe journeys will now operate via Slade Lane and not via Shuttleworth Mead. Other Slade Lane journeys remain as present.
  • Earlier arrival in Clitheroe on Sundays.

There are also some minor changes to other early morning and late evening journeys, especially at weekends.

DalesBus 872

We are pleased to announce that the DalesBus 872 Sunday service from Nelson through the Yorkshire Dales to Grassington will continue to run during the winter. There will now be a direct link with Manchester and the X43, and the new Sunday Mainline service will also connect at Skipton to Grassington journeys.

There will be new £1 child fares between Skipton and Grassington, and the range of DalesBus tickets will be available to buy on all our Lancashire services.
The 872 is run with the support of DalesBus.