Get to school with VAMOOZ - tickets are selling fast!


VAMOOZ is the newest way to travel direct from home to school, brought to you by The Burnley Bus Company. 

VAMOOZ is taking the idea of a traditional school bus and turning it on its head. The idea is simple: download the VAMOOZ app, buy your ticket, download it straight to your phone and take a seat. 

With VAMOOZ tickets, you're guaranteed a seat onboard. Young people are our future, so you won't find anybody packed in like sardines or standing on our buses.

We know that lots of students like to stay later for after school clubs, too. We're Burnley's main bus operator, and we run buses early 'til late, 7 days a week. VAMOOZ tickets can be used on any of our buses in and around town, including during evenings, at weekends and on school holidays. So, you can stay behind and enjoy that after school club, and still get home safely on any of our buses. 

We have one VAMOOZ school route at the moment, with more coming soon:

V2 (was 837)
Colne, Nelson and Burnley to Clitheroe Royal Grammar

V43 (was 451)
Burnley, Colne and Nelson to Skipton Girls and Ermysteds

With VAMOOZ tickets, you can also...

  • Use your pass during evenings, weekends and school holidays
  • Download your bus ticket to your mobile phone
  • Travel direct from your doorstep, straight to school 

You can buy termly and annual tickets through the app for all VAMOOZ buses. Tickets are selling fast, and once the bus is full, it's full - so don't hang around. Download the app and buy your ticket today. 

Any questions? Call Rebecca on 01423 788 902 for a chat, follow VAMOOZ on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Download VAMOOZ from the Google Play store and Apple app stores, and buy your tickets now!